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30 In-Stock Sunbrella® Fabrics Available

With Sunbrella, the most well-known brand in the awnings sector. All awnings are available in 30 high-quality, in-stock Sunbrella fabrics in five color groups because of the company's renowned fabrics. The industry's best fabric selection in more than three times as many colors than ever before is what we are happy to offer our clients.

Sunbrella Fabrics Color Options

The exceptional, aesthetically pleasing variety that these color options—blues, greens, reds, light tans and beiges, and blacks and greys—bring to SunPro's renowned line of awnings will be appreciated by dealers and their clients. There are a variety of solid, striped, two-tone, and multitone color options available.

More Than 300 Custom Fabric Options

We proudly serve Northwest Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma and Southern Missouri. 
In addition to the 30 Sunbrella textiles that are currently in stock, SunPro provides more than 300 custom fabric alternatives to suit almost anyone's preferences. The Skin Cancer Foundation has given Sunbrella's fabrics their endorsement as a reliable source of UV protection. For their low chemical emissions, Sunbrella fabrics have also been awarded the GREENGUARD gold accreditation.
We proudly serve Northwest Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma and Southern Missouri. 

Northwest Arkansas retractable awnings

you will be impressed with much more than the addition of Sunbrella’s world-class fabrics and color options.

 Our Company has established a stellar reputation. When compared to competing goods, one advantage of carrying SunPro awnings is that our dealers can demonstrate to consumers more bells and whistles. Custom frame sizes are offered for SunPro awnings. Clients will gain from SunPro's capacity to create custom widths between 10 and 40 feet. Also, we have three standard projection sizes for our awnings: 8, 10, and 12 feet.

Our Seven Signature Premium Features

Below, explore our seven signature premium features that help put SunPro’s awnings, which are backed by a 10-year limited warranty, ahead of the pack.

Built-In Dimmable LED Lights

Our integrated dimmable LED lights are a prominent premium SunPro awning feature that dealers like presenting to consumers as a standard feature on all of our awnings. All of our awnings have these lights ingeniously integrated into the arms, allowing customers to adjust the brightness using a remote.
These integrated dimmable LED lights are a cherished premium feature for clients who wish to extend their parties well past sunset and long into the night. Some SunPro rivals provide optional light packages that are secured by unattractive wire ties and velcro. This add-on fee ranges from $400 to $500, and additional installation fees raise the entire cost.

EZ-Pitch Adjustment

Another coveted premium awning feature that is standard on all of our awnings is EZ-Pitch Adjustment. Pitch adjustments are simple using our EZ-Pitch Adjustment. Our EZ-Pitch Adjustment allows customers to simply change the slope, or pitch, of their awning on their own by utilizing a crank and rotating the pitch pin on either side.
Because SunPro's EZ-Pitch Adjustment is so unique, equivalent features created by rival manufacturers are quite uncommon in the awnings sector. The majority of rivals' awnings demand that clients use an Allen wrench and ladder to align the pitch to recommended stationary settings. Also, clients typically ask experts to conduct this challenging operation for them rather than adjusting the pitch themselves.

  Integrated Cassette Housing

The integrated cassette casing of our awnings shields the awning fabric from weather harm, extending its lifespan. Another well-liked premium feature that comes as standard on all SunPro awnings is our integrated cassette housing.

This built-in cassette casing, sometimes known as a "garage," shields the entire fabric from the elements when SunPro awnings are retracted. Awnings that are better able to withstand excessive fabric fading, insect and bird damage, and other fabric wear difficulties will be appreciated by customers. In contrast, our rivals charge extra for hood housing, which is a premium choice. However, hood housing, commonly referred to as a "vehicle port," does not shield against bird and insect damage as well as other wear concerns.

  Motorized with Wireless Remote Control

Also motorized and controlled by a wireless remote, all awnings. Dealers like this premium feature, which is now included as standard on all awnings, for the convenience and ease it offers customers.
Clients of all ages appreciate how easy it is to operate all of our awnings at the touch of a button. Some customers, particularly those with physical disabilities, may find it prohibitive that some competitors' awnings still only operate with a crank. A manual override feature to the motorized function is included for customers who prefer awnings with a crank functionality.

   Three Frame Colors

Awnings are available in white, golden, and beige frame colors and are sure to catch buyers' attention. This high-end function, which is included as standard in all SunPro awnings, is appreciated by our dealers. Awnings created by SunPro are not only very practical and simple to use, but they also provide consumers a wide range of color options to choose from that complement their homes. The three frame colors offered by SunPro are three times as many as those provided by our rivals. White, golden, and beige are popular options for customers since they go well with the majority of home exteriors.

 Straight or Sea-Wave Valance

Our awnings also come in either straight or sea-wave fabric valances. Our high-quality valances are able to be easily removed and reinstalled by customers.

 Multi-Use Front Bar for drop screen option

Finally, as a standard feature across the whole product line, all of Our awnings come with a multi-use front bar to support optional attachments like drop screen nano 80s, which is the seventh premium feature.

 Our company is committed to bringing our high-quality awnings to customers across northwest arkansas east oklahoma and south missouri.

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